365 Days of Tahoe — Day 97

April 7, 2014

Have you ever paused to take in how stunning our home is, whether your in the middle of something or not?  Its hard not to notice!  Wouldn’t love to capture that moment in time and decorate your home with the images?  Jon Paul is a professional photographer who specializes in photo tours!  With his help you can get to any spot at the right time to capture that image!  We have so many options with photo printing these days decorate your home with your own memories!  He is available year round in South Lake Tahoe and every session is customized to help you reach your goals!

Capture the Moment!

Capture the Moment!

The South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Group urges anyone interested to give one of Jon’s workshops a chance!  It will only take one photo to be proud!

It’s So Tahoe!

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