Home Improvements That Boost Resale Value

June 3, 2011

Cover the Basics First
One thing potential buyers don’t want to face is expensive repairs. If your home’s basic structures and systems aren’t in good condition, the property will be considered a fixer-upper and its market price will be discounted accordingly.

The roof, furnace, air conditioning, plumbing, water heater, electrical system and windows are all basic elements of your home that must be in good working order for your home to be attractive to buyers and command top dollar. If any of these components are broken or malfunctioning, make sure to fix them. If any of them are nearing the ends of their useful lives and you can afford to replace them, do so before your home goes on the market.

After that, you can address the next level of basics. Make sure your property has curb appeal by:

•Power washing the home’s exterior, driveway and sidewalks
•Cleaning the windows
•Mowing and edging the lawn
•Pulling weeds
•Pruning hedges and other decorative plants
•Adding some new plants, even in pots, to make your property look vibrant and inviting

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