Home Selling tips for the Winter Months!!

February 2, 2012

It may be a mild winter for South Lake Tahoe standards, but remember our visitors are not used to winter so lets do our best not to scare them away!!  The South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Group would like to offer a few tips to home sellers on how to prepare their home in the winter months.

  • Remember to always keep a clear path from the street to walkway so visitors are not crawling over snowdrifts.
  • Capture all the light you can!  Open all blinds and shutters and turn on all lights, even closet and appliance lights.
  • Pump up your thermostat so potential buyers are comfortable in your home, just think on a cold day they’ll look around longer just to warm up!
  • Winter time makes people crave coziness so add a friendly scent to your home, like apple pie or brown sugar!

Today’s real estate market is all about capturing buyers, they can be picky because they have options and time, every little detail can aid in getting your home SOLD!

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